Beauty in motion

Beauty in motion

Only in the prime of health are things like this possible

Beauty at rest

Beauty at rest

Only with the arrival of inner peace can we truly enjoy life

Beauty at peace

Beauty at peace

Only then can we afford to realize our dreams, whatever they may be

Getting on with it

First day on the new regimen, if I can get away with calling it that.

They say that the key to keeping on any type of fitness routine is to make it just that – a routine. And even though what I plan to start doing soon is get ahold of a decent bike, I don’t have one right now, and even if I did I would be afraid to hop on it right away given my history with this type of thing. Meaning my tendency to grab on to something and act like I am a 35 year old professional that has been doing this type of thing for years.

That way lies madness, they say. Or strain and pain in my case. Followed by time off which for some reason tends to stretch on endlessly. I figure the thing to do is to start slow and be sensible. A real challenge for me for a bunch of different reasons, the above being only the first.

Anyway, with all that in mind, what I decided to do is go for a nice walk. We have several easy walking

and biking paths around here so I chose of course didn’t choose one of  those. You might be able to make a leopard behave in a civilized manner. You can’t make him change his spots.  So I went to the local state park and picked one of the trails that has a bit of hill on it. Patience is not one of my virtues, and by the time I had finished a couple of mile walk at a rapid pace, I was reminded of that. I had a stitch in my side and an incipient ache in my legs that I am sure will only become more pronounced over the next few days.

Good thing there are several nice, easy walking and biking paths around here.

If it gets too bad I can always take some drugs and spend my time deciding what kind of bike I want to buy. Will it be a fancy multi-speed racer like the ones I used to own? Or should I choose a single speed bike just for running around. That is a harder decision than you might think, since I am sure that at some point I am going to want to ride some distance on a un-flat course.

I find the cruiser bikes to be quite attractive, though I will have to take a test ride on a bike to see if I think the seating position is going to suit me. They say that it is a comfortable position for around town and shorter rides but not suitable for longer tours. I will have to decide. Though I would really like to find a 6 or 7 speed with a single front gear, a road bike seat, and handlebars that worked both as cruiser bars and road bars.

Gives me something to shoot for.

My Health Your Health

I have been and always shall be, a sloth.

Hopefully not the always shall be. I have determined that from this day forward I will be more aware of my health and how the things I am doing, and the food I am putting into my body  are affecting how I will feel in the future.

I am not as young as I used to be, and I can just begin to feel the effects of the bad choices that I have been making up until now.  I have come to believe that every choice I make has a small affect on how much life I will have and how well I will be able to live it.

good foodPerhaps you share my belief that your expected outcome depends not only on your genes, but also on how you live. Nature meets nurture.

People always say that you need to look at your parents in order to see what type of life you can expect to have. and I am sure that was true in the days when every generation lived pretty much the same way as previous generations did. Living the same way day to day, eating the same things. If that is true I have to think that genetics will be a good predictor.

But nowadays you have to look at the way your parents lived day to day and how they ate, and see how what you do compares to that. The key to long life has to do with how the things you take into your body and the things you do to your body interact with the genes that have been bequeathed to you.healthy eats

In my case, it might be that the outcome doesn’t look good.

Come back to see how the site progresses.